Under Display Selfie Camera Phone: Next Level Technology

I’m guessing that you all have heard about  “under display selfie camera” Technology.Well, let’s get some information about this new technology. Last year oppo announced that they are going to launch this Technology but we didn’t here anything more on that till now.By the way this Technology is pretty cool,the screen of smartphone contain a …

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Mobile Phones Under 5000

If you are looking for the best mobile phones under 5000 in india then you are at right place. From past few years the market of smartphone has changed drastically.Today you can get some of the latest phones under 5000 from brands including xiaomi, nokia, itel, panasonic and intex.I have searched for the best mobile …

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Internet Infrastructure

Internet Infrastructure

Have you wondered what happens to your chunks of data after you post something? where exactly does it all go or the internet Infrastructure?Well, I’m here to give some answers to these questions. First all of you have to understand that the Internet is not owned or even governed by any one group of people. …

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Future Artificial Intelligence

Humanity and Future Artificial Intelligence

The advancements in Artificial Intelligence are quite astonishing. It reaches the threshold where it’s as smart as the smartest most inventivehuman.It really could be a matter of days before it’s smarter than the sum of humanity. what happens when machines surpasshumans in general intelligence? If machine brains surpass human brainsin general intelligence, then this new …

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Quantum computer

Quantum Computer: An Undefined Technology

Imagine a computer that is more superior than the supercomputer and able to crack the world’s most secure codes in minutes. Huge technology organizations like Google, IBM and Microsoft all are trying to be the first to achieve a breakthrough in the field of quantum computing.If you want a quantum computer you needIonizing lasersCooling lasersAnd …

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