Architecture technology

Architecture Technology

Architecture technology explains any type of specialized problems in architecture and design. You can say that it is an application of construction science and building structure.
We all familiar with one thing that, the technologies which we are utilizing today were not exist in past a few years ago. And that time we had some challenges.
But presently when we have advanced technologies, we are still handling some challenges and these are not the same as they were in past.
Some of these are:

  • Good design and construction over inexpensive budgets.
  • Finding good materials for construction.
  • Understanding every new technology in designs like softwares.

Different types of building elements and technologies give birth to different types of building design and structure strategies.
These days a computer is used to draw an accurate blueprint for a building, for this purpose one software is very popular Computer-Aided Design (CAD).
Once the design is completed it is shared between the whole engineering team to analyze whether the design is perfect or need to modify it.

Some best examples of Architecture technology

1. Burj Khalifa
Architecture technology
Burj Khalifa

I think everyone knows about the world’s tallest tower”Burj Khalifa”. The tower was designed by Owings, Skidmore and Merrill.
The construction started at 6 January 2004 
and completed on 1st October 2009.

2. City of Manchester Stadium
Etihad Stadium

This stadium is nowadays known as Etihad Stadium. Situated in Manchester, England.
The stadium was designed by Arup sport.
Its construction started in 2000 and finally finished in 2002.

3. Millennium Bridge, London, UK
London millennium Bridge

The bridge was designed by Arup on the Thames River. It is also known as by another name, the “London Millennium Footbridge”.
It is so popular among people because of its design. A suspension bridge fully prepared by steel. The bridge connects Bankside with the town of London.

Career opportunity in architecture technology

1.architectural office manager ($72,457 per year)
2.architectural drafting ($44,946 per year)
3.architectural designer ($61,757 per year)
4.specification writing ($59,256 per year)
5. cost estimation engineer ($66,123 per year)

There are several different types of job available for architectures, but I have listed only some of them.
Technology is becoming better day by day, that’s why the future of architecture technology is incredibly favourable.

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