Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality technology: Imagination comes true

Whenever Augmented Reality comes into my mind I start to imagine movies and games where all of this goes on. But today, this technology is not only limited to the movies where it was just a scene.
I know if you are looking for all of the information about Augmented Reality then you are at the right place and you have many questions about this in your mind.
Ok, without further delay let’s crack it.
What is the meaning of augmented reality and what is augmented reality?
augment reality is basically some changes in the real world through computer technology like some 3D objects or any creature or maybe anything but the important thing to notice is that all of these objects are virtual.
But you can not see these things through your eyes (means naked eyes). You need some type of equipment or a lens or a mobile application or you can experience it better in a game.
Have you ever played the game “Pokemon Go“? If yes, then you can understand it easily.
If not, then no need to worry. Let’s take an example, suppose it that you are standing in your room and everything is fine, but when you watch your room through your phone camera then there is a creature in front of you and everything else is fine as you see through your normal camera. This is the where Magic of augmented reality works.
From all of the above-mentioned points, we conclude that that “augmented reality enhances our real world by adding some virtual objects to it but augment reality does not develop a fully virtual environment as Virtual Reality”.
Well, let’s move forward and describe it more precisely.

How does Augmented Reality work?

It works with a combination of many other technologies. some of these are listed below:
Depth tracking
Diffractive waveguides
Refractive waveguides

includes some components


This is a device where the real-world images and virtual objects are projected and some sensors enable virtual objects to fit perfectly in the real world and adjust these images according to the user’s activities. Some devices which work as a display are

  • Eyeglasses display
  • Handheld display
  • Generation-2 glass(Eye Tap)
  • Virtual retinal display
  • Contact lenses display
  • head-up display (HUD) 
Motion sensor

It is a very important tool to determine the orientation and position of the user. And according to this data images are displayed over the screen. Some devices which are used as a sensor
Digital Camera
Optical sensors
Radio Frequency identification
Most of the above-mentioned technologies are present in every smartphone, which makes them suitable for AR.


AR devices process everything like speed, orientation, direction etc. And for this purpose, it requires a good processor.

Intake devices

This technology is used to convert users spoken words and their activities to the computer language and according to this data, AR controllers work.


This technology is an example of a display where it casts virtual images on walls or at any plane surface.

What is the actual difference between virtual reality and augmented reality?

virtual reality and augmented reality both create some virtual objects. But there is a little difference between them

  1. VR constructs a fully virtual environment where all of the things are same as exist in the real world. But AR enhances our real world by adding some virtual objects to it.
  2. VR is totally based on the virtual data but AR is based on the virtual as well as real-world data.

Possible Applications of Augmented Reality

AR has various applications in today’s world from entertainment to the educational, medicine to surgery, business to architecture etc. Let’s explore all of its applications briefly and precisely.


To design a structure we use computer softwares because of their accuracy in designing and to implement that structure many companies are using AR.
Structure images superimposed on the real world and then construction starts. AR reduces any failure in the structure.

Industrial manufacturing

Augmented Reality reduces the use of papers which are used for instructions. Instead of paper, digital instructions are overlaid on the operating systems or appliances.

Visual composition

It allows exploring many arts and objects in reality in 3D structures.


There are many complicated designs and images are available in mathematics, physics or in chemistry which can not be understood easily but using AR technology it can be done very precisely.


It is very helpful in the visualization of a movie or a clip in 3D in front of you. Gaming is the most popular application of AR.


Helping tool to diagnose or in operations.


Valuable to collect data of the destination, navigation or to explore a destination point and make your plans according to this data.


For navigation or analysis anything in 3D

Disadvantages of Augmented Reality

There are some drawbacks of AR which are described below

Privacy concerns

AR devices record all of your data including your movements and actions.

Reality Simulation

It displays some objects (which are virtual) over the real world which may increase the risk of your life. For example, Pokemon Go game which is the reason for many vehicles accidents and other life-threatening moves.

10 Best Augmented Reality Apps for Android and iOS platforms in 2020

  1. Houzz
  2. IKEA Place
  3. YouCam Makeup
  4. GIPHY World
  5. Google Lens
  6. ROAR
  7. Augment
  8. Amikasa
  9. Snapchat
  10. Wanna Kicks

Best Augmented Reality Games for Android and iOS

  1. Pokemon GO
    Cost: FREE
    Downloads: over 100M+ at Google Play store.
    User rating: 4.1 Android / 3.9 iOS.
  2. Temple Treasure Hunt
    Cost: FREE
    Downloads: over 10K+ at Google Play Store.
    User rating: 3.3 Android.
  3. Sharks in the Park
    Cost: FREE
    Downloads: over 1K+ at Google Play.
    User rating: 4.6 Android.
  4. DARk: Subject One
    Cost: FREE
    Downloads: over 1K+ at Google Play.
    User rating: 3.8 Android / 4.4 iOS.
  5. Wallace
    Cost: FREE
    Downloads: over 50K+ at Google Play.
    User rating: 4.1 Android / 4.0 iOS.
  6. Army of Robots
    Cost: FREE
    Downloads: over 1K+ at Google Play.
    User rating: 4.4 Android / 4.2 iOS.

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