Nano cardboard

Nano Cardboard

A very fascinating example of the nanotechnology is right in front of you “Nano cardboard”. It was developed by  Pennsylvania University Engineers.It is totally constructed by an Aluminum oxide film having a thickness of approx tens of nanometers with a height of tens of microns.Scientists discover several things but nano cardboard gains special attention because of …

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Youtube vs tiktok

YouTube Vs Tiktok

A lot of contradiction is going on between these two videos sharing platforms(Youtube vs Tiktok) that which one is best and this issue is not raised by their respective owners.This issue is raised by TikTok users, their point is many YouTube creator use TikTok videos in their own content that’s why TikTok is best than …

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Architecture technology

Architecture Technology

Architecture technology explains any type of specialized problems in architecture and design. You can say that it is an application of construction science and building structure.We all familiar with one thing that, the technologies which we are utilizing today were not exist in past a few years ago. And that time we had some challenges.But …

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