Nano cardboard

Nano Cardboard

A very fascinating example of the nanotechnology is right in front of you “Nano cardboard”. It was developed by  Pennsylvania University Engineers.
It is totally constructed by an Aluminum oxide film having a thickness of approx tens of nanometers with a height of tens of microns.
Scientists discover several things but nano cardboard gains special attention because of its some specific and special properties :

  • Its weight is less than thousands of a gram if you take a square centimetre of nano cardboard.
  • After the removal of applied force, it comes back into its original shape from a bent shape.
  • Its strength is ten thousand times more than any other solid plate having the same mass.
  • It levitates when a bright light strikes to its surface and this event occurs because one side of cardboard gets heat up which creates a hole to enter the air inside and most of part inside the cardboard is hollow by which thrust develops.

Nano cardboard will contribute a major role in future technology due to its unique and special property.

  • Its stiffness to weight ratio property is extremely important for future technology in aerospace and robotics.
  • Its weight and payload property are suitable for micro flyers wings such as America is scheduling to launch”Mars 2020 Rover” this year in summer. Which includes a helicopter and wings of that helicopter are made of nano cardboard.
  • It is also suitable for an interstellar light sail.
  • It is useful for creating high-temperature thermal insulation.

It has several more applications in the macro or micro level. Many researchers are preparing different new materials from nano cardboard on condensing with other entities.

Future of nano cardboard

This is just a little start for this nanomaterial. At the micro-level, it is going to change our technology to a very high level. Many corporations have started to take an interest in this area and they are investing also for its bright future.

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