Touchscreen in Smartphones How Does It Work?

What enabled smartphones to dominate as a technology? to be so prolific and critical to our lives that I would somewhat lose my car keys or wallet than my smartphone.The answer to this question isn’t a simple one-liner, but rather it’s a combination of answers, app development, wireless internet, carrier networks, Steve Jobs’ brilliant marketing, …

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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the delivery of computing services like storage, servers, analytics, software, intelligence and networks over the Internet or cloud to offer fast speed and modifiable resources with a low economic cost. Characteristics of Cloud Computing Cloud computing shows the following characteristics: Low cost for the activation. Cloud Computing agility may be improved by …

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A Processor is an electronic circuit within a computer or other devices that execute instructions. Types of Processors Today, most of the processors used are multi-cores that means the integrated circuit(IC) contains two or more processor.But here is a question that Why are multi-core processors better?They are best in many performances than that of the …

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MediaTek Helio P

MediaTek Helio P Series

MediaTek Helio P is a well-known chipsets series from the company MediaTek.MediaTek is a Taiwanese semiconductor company that produces chips for devices likeHigh Definition Television, Smartphones, Tablet PC,  Navigation System, Multimedia Products and for the Wireless Communication.I think most of you know about the media Tek processors let’s talk over its technology and its performance.Helio …

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Wireless technology

Wireless Technology

Wireless technology allows us to communicate two or more entities or people over distances without using cables or wires.Wireless technology involves Infrared (IR) waves and Radio Frequency (RF) waves for communication.Today, the term “wireless” has become a part of our life and without it, we can’t visualize how our lives would be? Let’s understand how …

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IR Sensor

IR Sensor

IR Sensor is one of the best application of wireless IR Technology. So the first question comes in our mind is, What is an IR sensor?IR sensor is an electronic device that emits and detects infrared radiation to sense its surroundings.Infrared radiation(IR) was accidentally discovered by William Herchel in 1800. IR is invisible to the …

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Proximity sensor

Proximity Sensor

The proximity sensor is a notable example of sensor technology, used to detect the existence of nearby things without any physical touch.This can be achieved by using Electromagnetic field or radiation which is distorted by objects.Proximity sensors are highly reliable due to the presence of metallic parts and no physical contact.Proximity sensors are available in …

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Google gravity

Google Gravity: Technology Behind the Fun

Google has developed some very interesting and funny tricks which are known as “Google Gravity“. Let’s see some of them: 1. Google Sphere (Google Gravity) Follow the instructions to see Google sphere trick1. Open Google Homepage2. Write”Google Sphere ” on the search box3. Click on the “I’m feeling lucky”, now you got it. 2. Google …

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I9 processor

I9 Processor: The Future

I9 Processor is one of the popular and latest processors of I series followed by i7, i5 and i3 processor, manufactured and developed by an American technology company “Intel“.Intel Core i9 Processors were introduced by Intel in May 2017 with many advanced features like high speed, high frequency and new sockets.Core i9 processor is mainly …

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