A Processor is an electronic circuit within a computer or other devices that execute instructions.

Types of Processors

Today, most of the processors used are multi-cores that means the integrated circuit(IC) contains two or more processor.
But here is a question that Why are multi-core processors better?
They are best in many performances than that of the previous core like
✓ Less Power Consumption
✓ Enhanced Performance
✓ Multiple tasks at the same time etc.

Most of the computer systems used dual or quad-core but it can be increased up to 12 cores or more than that depends upon the availability.
We are talking about Core let’s understand it more precisely. Single-core means your system can process only one instruction at a time and dual-core means two instructions at the same time. Generally, it can be concluded that if a processor contains x cores than it can process x instructions at the same time.
Let’s take a look at each core one by one


  • It contains only one core in the Integrated Circuit(IC).
  • It can process only one operation at a time.
  • It was first introduced in the 1970s.
  • Still, it is used in some devices like machine and smartphones.

Double Core

  • It contains two cores in the Integrated Circuit(IC).
  • It can process only two operations at a time.
  • Each processor has its own cache and controller which makes it faster than single-core.


It contains four cores processor in the Integrated Circuit(IC).
It can process four operations at a time.
Bigger graphical performance with low-battery power consumption.
Better gaming performance experience


It contains eight cores processor in the Integrated Circuit(IC).
It can process eight operations at a time.

Components of Processor

Here are some basic components of a processor:

Floating Point Unit (FPU): It is also recognized by the other name “coprocessor” that operates numbers more effectively and quickly than any other microprocessors.
Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU): this one is responsible for all arithmetical and logical operations.
Resistor: this one store data and instructions.
Cache Memory: this one saves time to get data from Random Access Memory(RAM).

What is the function of the processor?

There are mainly four functions involved in the processors
✓ Fetch
✓ Decode
✓ execute
✓ Write back

What are the best processor manufacturer companies?

  • Intel
  • AMD
  • Qualcomm
  • Motorola
  • IBM
  • MediaTek etc.

Let’s explore some terms related to the Processor

What is clock speed?

Clock speed determines how quickly a processor can receive and analyze instructions. This helps any system to complete more tasks with a faster speed.
Clock speed is generally measured in GigaHertz (GHz).
Higher number means higher clock speed.
Clock speed of 3.0 to 4.0 is considered a good deal for the best gaming experience.

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