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PUBG Mobile: Game of Technology

I don’t need to introduce this epic game “Pubg Mobile”, this is itself an introduction for many people. Its rage is boosting day by day.
It has crossed over 600 million downloads till now. According to some analysis, it has some negative impact on our community. but that is not more than it’s optimistic.
Well, I’m not going to ignite a debate on its social consequence.
Which technology makes it an epic game of all time??
What minds are working behind it?
Does it is an example of artificial intelligence or application of coding? Let’s unbox it.
The concept and design of this game was directed by Brendan Greene, also known as
“Player Unknown”.

Brendan Greene

Before giving rise to pubg, he had the experience of games like ARMA 2 and DayZ: Battle Royale.
Brendan Greene devoured some of his life in Brazil as a Graphic Designer, Web Designer and as a Photographer. He always used to play video games like America’s Army and Delta force.
But he took attention in DayZ mode. his ideas were initially inspired by Hunger Games fiction. He wanted to create something remarkable that people do not expect from a game and full of wonders.

Design and development of Pubg

For design and development, he took the help of a game engine” Unreal Engine 4″ which was developed by”Epic Games”. Unreal Engine was based on programming language C++. and credible for its realistic graphics in the game.which is the best part of any game like pubg.
But this is not the only one artificial language for pubg.
Pubg uses various languages for its design and development in different variants. These are:

  • Python: Core of pubg mobile is designed by this language, which helps to resist hackers and minimize vulnerability.
  • Java
  • Pearl 6
  • C#
  • PHP
  • My SQL.

How does pubg prevent cheating?

Pubg uses an anti-cheating software “Battle Eye” to avoid such kind of problems.
Pubg had permanently banned over 152 million accounts by Jan 2020. According to Battle Eye, 98.2% of all cheating softwares are designed in China.

Release timeline of PUBG for various platforms

pubg mmobile
1. Microsoft Windows

23 March 2017 (beta version)
20 December 2017 (full version)
24 January 2019 (Pubg Mobile Lite)

2. Android and iOS

9 February 2018 (Pubg: army attack)
19 March 2018 (Pubg mobile)
25 July 2019 (Pubg Lite)

3. Xbox One

12 December 2017(Preview)
4 September 2018(Original)

4. Play studio 4

7 December 2018

5. Google stadia

28 April 2020

Future of Pubg Mobile

Pubg is not going to end here. it has many future plans, one of them is VR technology. They are now working on it. If they acquired the VR version of pubg then, this may be the end of pubg mobile or maybe not. It depends on the user’s selection.

Here are some questions which will help you to find out more about this epic game.

What is a gyroscope in pubg Mobile?

Initially, you have to know what is a gyroscope and its working. So basically it is a device which is used to determine the orientation and measure the angular velocity.
Now the question is what it is doing in Pubg Mobile?
When you active the gyroscope mode while playing pubg mobile then, you don’t need to use your finger to change the orientation. You just have to stride your phone up, down, left and right to see and target in the respective direction.

What is FPS in pubg mobile and how to fix it?

FPS stands for Frame rate per second. If your game has 26 fps it means per second your game is able to see 26 images. For smoother and fast action you have to select high FPS.

Who is bot in PUBG Mobile?

Bot is a manipulation of Artificial Intelligence. They are programmed to shoot the opponent.

Which server has most bots in PUBG Mobile?


This is all about Pubg Mobile, for more detailed information go through following links.’s_Battlegrounds

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