Technology Vs Coronavirus

Technology Vs Coronavirus

How countries are using technology to fight coronavirus?

I think all of you’ve got heard this word Coronavirus (Coronaviruses (CoV) are an outsized family of viruses that cause illness starting from the cold to more severe diseases), and what it’s done to our world. What about Technology Vs Coronavirus?

Why the world is closed ???

Technology Vs Coronavirus

Well, I’m not here to share my views on Coronavirus because I’m sure that you simply have enough information about this, and how to stop.
Some situation reports:
according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), at now of your time
✓ Total confirmed cases =3349786
✓ Confirmed deaths = 238628
✓ Total countries, areas or territories with cases =215
This is just the highlight of the current situation.

How technology may be a helpful tool during this situation?

As it started from Wuhan and China initiated it’s a response to beat Coronavirus using its strong technology and private sector.
Some of these are
✓ one among the foremost popular technology and yes my favourite, Artificial Intelligence (AI).
✓ Data Science
and other technology to trace and fight with Coronavirus.
Meantime private sector leaders, including Alibaba, Baidu, Huawei and more accelerated their company’s healthcare initiatives.
As a result, clinicians, academics, and government entities around the world began to activate technology because the virus continues to spread to several other countries. It’s simple technology Vs Coronavirus.
These are some ways AI, data science, and technology are getting used to manage and fight with the Coronavirus.

✓ Mobile Applications

United Kingdom has launched an application (C-19 Covid Symptom Tracker) for people to report their symptoms.which was downloaded approximately 8 lakh times in three days.
This helps to spot high-risk zone and safe zone.
South Korea also has an app called Corona 100m.
That track the locations of Coronavirus patients and alerts users if they are available near (100 meters) of the infected person.
India has launched an app “Arogya Setu” developed by the govt of India to attach essential health services with the people of India in our combined fight against COVID-19.

The App is aimed toward augmenting the initiatives of the govt of India, particularly the Department of Health, in proactively reaching bent and informing the users of the app regarding risks, best practices and relevant advisories concerning the containment of COVID-19.
This app is predicated on location data collected from the infected person’s phone and use short distance Bluetooth signals between smartphones, which helps the government to trace contacts of patients.


If someone tested positive for Covid-19 after coming back from elsewhere, then you’ll surely say that the person or family had visited several places and met many of us before they were quarantined. Reviewing CCTV footage from the areas that they had been to was one among the methods the local administration wont to hunt potentially infected people.
Other countries also use this system to trace People

✓ Robots & Drones

Robots helpful in Coronavirus

when this was started in Wuhan, they create a technical ward and this ward is completely managed by robots.
They take patients’ temperature, give them food and medicines, and disinfect the ward.
Singapore has also begun to use robots to wash hospitals. In some parts of India, the feature has also started.
The use of robots spares healthcare workers the danger of contracting the virus.
In some parts of India, the police have used drones fitted with cameras and loudspeakers to disperse crowds and direct individuals within the streets to return home.

✓ Chatbots

These are an essential tool for sharing information and keep you updated in almost every field.

✓ Supercomputers

Since Supercomputers are very fast their system can analyse and calculate solutions precisely.
Researchers are using this method to find a cure for this virus.

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