Time: the fourth dimension

Time: The Fourth Dimension

Today, almost everyone understands the importance of time. But I know that some of you want to know what exactly it is?
According to the big bang theory, it starts from the explosion of a small particle and at the same moment, our universe created.
We can’t change or control the flow of time
at the macroscopic level but some theories suggest that at the quantum level its flow can be altered.
But these theories are just a theory on paper, there is no experimental proof of this.
It is a factor used to measure several incidents or compare the interval between these two incidents.
It is an infinite continuous cycle of events. And I think all of you know that It is the fourth dimension of the universe.
Let’s explore it further.
Before Einstein’s special theory of relativity, there was an assumption about the time that it is constant everywhere, but after that, everything changed. and it is considered that it is not constant everywhere in the universe, it is fast somewhere and as well as slow (near the Black holes).
Nowadays we use the unit of time as the second but again there is a question, where did it come from?
Scientists defined second as an electronic transition frequency of caesium (cesium) atoms.
Our Earth is divided into many different timezones to measure time at different places. There is a primary standard by which the world operates the clock.
And that standard is Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Time dilation

It is defined as the difference in duration measures by two identical clocks for an event.
According to Einstein’s experiment, two observers moving with different speeds measures varied time for the same event due to time dilation and he explained this effect very precisely.
We can’t observe this effect because this is very minor. but when we move or any object moves with the near speed of light then its effects can not be negotiated.
For very high-speed bodies, time slow down with respect to the bodies at low speed or at rest.

Direction Of Time

This is a very important and unique property of it. I often thought about it, what happens if the time starts to flow in every direction?
Means if we are prepared to control it. Even if anyhow we earn success then there will be some kinds of other problems originate from it. Ok, let’s drop these assumptions and move on to the topic.
By the past, present and future we can say that it has its own unique direction.
Where the past lies behind and we can not change it even if we desire to do it, it is fixed. And present, where we live, makes relationships.
And of course, one more factor, “future” which lies ahead of us. But there is an interesting thing that we can change the future. Yes, it is. But it totally depends on you.
These factors show that time has its own unique direction. But wait!!!
We know that nature works in a very mysterious way. And nature exists with symmetry.
What I want to say that if it is unidirectional and always flow in forwarding direction then there must some niches where it is flowing in the backwards direction.
Many theories suggest that the backward direction of time exist but again there is no practical proof of it.
I’m sure that one day we or our generation will find it out.

Time Travel

Travel through time either in past or future is known as time travel and the gadget by which this journey is possible called time machine.
This word 1st time comes into the discussion in the 19th century and from there it fascinates many physicists to work towards it.
But instead of the common theory, they gave us many assumptions based on their researches.
I’m sure that one day we are going to find it out but even if we find out a way to travel through it, we can not change our past or future because if we are changing our fate this might be the time recommendation. I’m not sure about this but anything can happen.

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