Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR): The Future is now!

Virtual Reality is a simulation of software that creates a virtual atmosphere around you. This virtual world is so real that for some time you can’t even differentiate between virtual and real.
In a virtual environment, everything is designed as a real-world (3D) so that you can interact
and even you can use your senses such as hearing, touch, vision and smell as well.

How virtual reality is achieved?

Today the virtual reality is obtained by some special softwares and controlled by computer technology. To create a virtual environment as realistic some other technologies are used some of these are:

  • Wired gloves
  • Motion controllers
  • 3D mouse
  • Optical tracking
  • omnidirectional treadmills
  • Virtual Reality camera
  • These all are very helpful to create an illusion of reality.

Features of virtual reality

  • Interactive gaming experience
  • User can walk around
  • View 3D images
  • realistic and enjoyable

Application of virtual reality

Everything technology is designed for a reason that may be entertainment, reduce human efforts or anything that depends on the creator.
Virtual Reality plays a very important role in various forms some of these are given below:


For entertainment purpose, it is used in video games, 3D cinema and virtual museums.


It is a very helpful tool in high order thinking education and other studies such as social science and psychology.


Used to make the appropriate design in 3D


Surgeons can practice in this environment for their operations at a low cost and it allows the surgeons to improve their error.


It can be used for training purposes in various fields at a low cost than the real world such as pilot training, army training minor, astronaut training etc.

Industrial design
Scientific Research
Risk-free experience
Military practices AR for different purposes:
Medical training
Virtual boot camp
Fight simulation
Automobiles simulation

Disadvantages of Virtual Reality(VR)


All of your actions and moves are recorded by computer technology.

Health and Safety
  • Several symptoms have developed by using virtual technology. Most of these are in underage children(less than 20). Some symptoms are:
  • Growth issues in the children
  • seizures
  • twitches
  • anxiety
  • blackouts
  • Eye fatigue
  • cybersickness
  • The psychological problem even someone can lose identity
  • Addiction
  • High cost

Future of Virtual Reality

It is estimated that users of VR technology are going to increase by a huge amount in future.
It is most valuable in video gaming experience and knowledge. In future, it is going to create a remarkable technology.

What are the best selling Virtual Reality headsets?

1.Oculus Quest

Price:$399 USD(64GB)$499USD(128GB)
Easy format
Insight tracking
Built-in audio
Two touch controllers
Play inbounds
No wires
High cost
Less influential

2.Oculus Rift A

Price: $399 USD
Big software library
High-quality lenses and sharp display
Insight tracking
Touch controllers
Use wire to connect with PC
Somewhat less effective resolution.

3.Oculus Go

Price: $149 USD(32 GB)
199 USD(64GB)
Crystal clear lens
Light and comfortable design
Affordable price
Single controller
No insight tracking

4.Playstation VR

Price: $399 USD
Easy setup
Motion controllers
Good library
Less powerful
Sharpness is not clear

What are the best VR games in 2020?

1. Half-Life: Alyx
2. Iron Man VR
3. The walking dead
4. Lone Echo II
5. The Room VR: A Dark Matter

What phones support VR?

Today there are a numerous number of phones are available in the market, some of these are listed below:
Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S5
Motorola’s Moto Z
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Huawei’s Mate 9 Pro

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