Youtube vs tiktok

YouTube Vs Tiktok

A lot of contradiction is going on between these two videos sharing platforms(Youtube vs Tiktok) that which one is best and this issue is not raised by their respective owners.
This issue is raised by TikTok users, their point is many YouTube creator use TikTok videos in their own content that’s why TikTok is best than YouTube.
Well, I’m not going to initiate a debate over this topic only on the basis of this issue.
Let’s see their technology and then conclude which one is useful for us.
I think most of you know that YouTube is an American company developed by Steve Chen, Ched hurley and Jawed Karim in February 2005.
Google purchased YouTube at the cost of
US$1.6Billion in November 2006.
On the other side, TikTok is a Chinese social networking service maintained by a Chinese company ByteDance. TikTok initially introduced in 2016 in China afterwards globally in 2018.

Features of YouTube

Quality and Formats of Videos

Initially, YouTube enlisted only one type of quality”320×240pixels”. But as technology improved its videos quality also improved and currently offers various types of screen resolution as, 480p, 720p HD, 1080p HD, 4k and 8k.
YouTube has also increased its frame rates from 30to 60.

Video Upload

You can upload videos of maximum 15 minutes on your channel but after varying your account this limit increased to 12 hours and size up to 128GB.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming is a great feature of YouTube, where you can go live with your fans. It also enables super chat which permits viewers to donate money from $1 to $500 to highlight their comments.


YouTube creators can upload their stories up to 30 seconds to engage or inform their audience.

Content accessibility

This authorizes users to view YouTube videos
outside of their own website.

Localization system

Youtube is available in over 100+ countries including their own local language version.

YouTube Premium

It is a premium subscription of YouTube which offers users to access exclusive content, advertising-free videos, offline and background access to videos on smartphones. Many other features:
Youtube music
Youtube Go
Youtube Tv
Content agreement

Features of Tiktok

Tiktok allows user to upload a 15 seconds small video clips with speed adjustment, background music and other minor filters.

Artificial Intelligence

Tiktok manipulates artificial intelligence to investigate users interest and on the basis of this data TikTok displays contents feed on the user’s screen.
Other features

Social Impact of YouTube

  • Affiliation and crowdsourcing
  • Direct effect on World events
  • Education and good quality of knowledge
  • Increase awareness of social issues
  • Searchable information storage
  • Effects on values and standards
  • Revolution of conventional media
  • Way of earning for many people

Social impact of Tiktok

  • Wide range of content but most of them are meaningless
  • Social isolation
  • Waste of time and energy
  • Reference of Harassment
  • People are getting addicted to this type of app
  • It is easier for people to use and create their content

Some legal issues of Tiktok

Tiktok ban in India

Tiktok was ban in India for over 20 days in April 2019 because it was promoting pornography and children were using this app then they were at risk of being targeted by sexual predators.


The United States fined Tiktok company $5.7 million for violating Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

Data Transfer

There was a case in California in November 2019 that Tiktok is transferring US citizens information to Chinese servers.

Indonesia blocked Tiktok for one week due to its pornographic content on 3 July 2018.

Alexa Ranking

Global Alexa ranking of youtube is 2 and on the other hand, Alexa ranking of TikTok is 309.
Number of video views per day on youtube: 5 billion(approx) and on Tiktok 1 billion per day(approx).

So, in my opinion, youtube is the winner of this debate(youtube vs tiktok).

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